Coins from Thrace
Thrace is a geographical and historical area in southeast Europe, which is bounded by the Balkan Mountains to the north, the Aegean Sea to the south and the Black Sea to the east.

The Thracians did not describe themselves by name; terms such as Thrace and Thracians are simply the names given them by the Greeks.

Sections of Thrace started to become hellenized before the Peloponnesian War as a significant amount of Athenian and Ionian colonies were set up in Thrace before the war, and Spartan and other Doric colonists followed suit after the war. In 168 BC Thrace became subject to Rome, and in AD 46 a full province.


(1) Abdera 475-448 BC
Obverse: forepart of gryffin left
Reverse: scallop shell within insuce square
Ref: May 198-9; SNG Copenhagen 319
(2) Abdera 473-448 BC
Obverse: seated griffin left rising leg
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square
Ref: May 191; SNG Cop. 312 ff.
(3) Agathopolis c. 300 BC
Obverse: Young male head right wearing tania
Reverse: Facing double boddied owl; AΓA_ΘO
Ref: AMNG -; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG Stanc...
(4) Alopekonnesos c. 400-300 BC
Obverse: Wreathed head of Dionysos right
Reverse: A / Λ / Ω. Kantharos; club in left field.
Ref: None provided
(5) Apollonia Pontica c. 350-300 BC
Obverse: facing head of Medusa
Reverse: anchor flukes up; A / crayfish
Ref: Apollonia p. 347, 1; SNG BM Black S...
(6) Apollonia Pontica 400-300 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo facing
Reverse: anchor upside down; crayfish right; A
Ref: Topalov Apollonia p. 386, 4; SNG BM...
(7) Apollonia Pontica c. 450-404 BC
Obverse: facing head of Medusa
Reverse: anchor flukes up; A / crayfish
Ref: SNG Cop 456; SNG BM 160, SNG Stanco...
(8) Byzantion 387-340 BC
Obverse: forepart of cow left, below dolphin swimming left; (BY)
Reverse: wide ornamented trident
Ref: Schönert-Geiss Byzantion 778; SNG B...
(9) Byzantion | Lysimachos c. 125-75 BC
Obverse: Head of the deified Alexander with Ammon's horns right
Reverse: Athena Nikephoros seated left; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ΛYΣIMAXOY, monogram (ΠΩΛYB) to left; BY below throne, trident in exergue
Ref: Marinescu 508 (O. 211 R. 483) issue...
(10) Caracalla 211-217 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; AVT K M AVP CEP_ANTΩNEINOC
Reverse: Dikaiosyne (Aequitas) facing, head left, holding scales and cornucopia; AΔPIANOΠO_Λ_EITΩN
Ref: Moushmov 2620
(11) Cherronesos 400-350 BC
AR Hemidrachm Cherronesos
Obverse: forepart of lion right, head turned back
Reverse: quatripartite incuse square, grain ear in one section, X· in other
Ref: McClean 4103 var (dot over E)
(12) Dionysopolis 220-100 BC
Obverse: head of Dionysos right wreathed in ivy
Reverse: bunch of grapes; ΔIONYΣ
Ref: Moushmov 79; Draganov Dionysopolis ...
(13) Kardia 350-309 BC
AE unit Kardia
Obverse: Wreathed head of Persephone left, wearing earring and necklace
Reverse: Lion standing left, breaking a spear held in its mouth; kernel of grain in exergue. KAPΔIA / KARDIA
Ref: SNG Copenhagen 862; BMC 1.
(14) Lysimacheia 309-220 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena right
Reverse: legend within grain-wreath; ΛY
Ref: SNG Cop. 921
(15) Lysimachos 305 - 281 BC
AE unit Thrace
Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress
Reverse: ΒΑΣΙ/ΛΥΣΙ in two lines within wreath of corn
Ref: None provided
(16) Lysimachos c. 297-281 BC
AE unit Kallatis
Obverse: head of young Herakles right wearing lion's skin
Reverse: wreath of grain; BAΣI / ΛYΣI
Ref: Müller pl. XLII, 14; SNG Cop 1168, ...
(17) Maroneia c. 400-350 BC
AE unit Maroneia
Obverse: prancing horse right; (ΠNK)
Reverse: grape arbor in square MAPΩNITΩN (YΓ)
Ref: BMC Thrace p. 129, 66; SGCV I 1636
(18) Mesembria 450-350 BC
Obverse: crested Corinthian helmet facing
Reverse: wheel; M E Ϡ A
Ref: BMC 3; Sear #1673; SNGBMC 268ff, Mo...
AE unit Mesembria
Obverse: Crested helmet facing
Reverse: META in quartiles of radiate wheel
Ref: None provided
(20) Mesembria 400-350 BC
Obverse: Crested helmet facing
Reverse: META in quartiles of radiate wheel.
Ref: SG# 1673
(21) Mesembria 300-100 BC
AE unit Mesembria
Obverse: diademed female head right
Reverse: Athena Promachos standing left, brandishing shield and spear; MEϠAM / BPIANΩN
Ref: Sear #1676; SNGCop 661, BMC 8, Mous...
(22) Odessos c. 300-100 BC
AE unit Odessos
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus right
Reverse: the great god of Odessos with causia on head, holding cornucopiae, on horseback pacing right; (HΔP), OΔHΣITΩN
Ref: AMNG 2200; Mionnet 890.
Obverse: head of Medusa (Gorgoneion) facing
Reverse: incuse square with cross and pellet
Ref: cf.SNG France 1347; cf.SNG Copenhag...
AE unit Thrace
Obverse: Diademed draped bust of Rhoemetalces III left; BAΣIΛEYΣ_POIMHTAΛKAΣ
Reverse: Laureate head of Caligula left; ΓAIΩ KAIΣAP_I ΣEBAΣΤΩ
Ref: Caligula RPC 1723; BMC 2; Jurukova ...
(25) Rhoemetalces I | Augustus 11 BC - 12 AD
AE unit Thrace
Obverse: Diademed head of Rhoemetlalces I right; BAΣIΛEΩΣ__POIMHTAΛK_OY
Reverse: Bare head of Octavian Augustus right; KAIΣAPOΣ__ΣEBAΣTOY
Ref: RPC I 1718; Youroukova 194; BMC Thr...
(26) Thasos c. 411-350 BC
Obverse: Satyr holding kantharos, kneeling left; grasshopper left
Reverse: amphora; ΘAΣ_IΩN
Ref: Vgl. Lanz: Auktion 82 (24.11.1997) ...
(27) Thasos 411-404 BC
Obverse: head of Satyr left
Reverse: two dolphins - upper to the left, lower to the right; ΘAΣI
Ref: SNG Cop 1033-1034; Le Rider 12; HGC...
(28) Thasos c. 463-411 BC
Obverse: dolphin left; ••
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square
Ref: Le Rider 10; SNG Cop -; BMC 23 var ...
(29) Tomis 1-200 AD
AE unit Tomis
Obverse: head of Zeus right
Reverse: eagle left with head right; TO MI TΩ N ( legend not visible)
Ref: Moushmov 1750