Akragas — A settlement in Sicily
Akragas was founded on a plateau overlooking the sea, with two nearby rivers, the Hypsas and the Akragas, and a ridge to the north offering a degree of natural fortification. Its establishment took place around 582-580 BC and is attributed to Greek colonists from Gela.

Akragas grew rapidly, becoming one of the richest and most famous of the Greek colonies of Magna Graecia. Although neutral in the conflict between Athens and Syracuse, its democracy was overthrown when the city was sacked by the Carthaginians in 406 BC. Akragas never fully recovered its former status.

In 241 BC, the final peace settlement between Carthage and Rome transfered control of Sicily (and Akragas) to Rome.

Modern location: Agrigento, Italy
(1) Akragas
An AR Quarter-Shekel struck ~ 211-210 BCE in Akragas
Obverse: Head of Triptolemos to the right

Reverse: Horse gallopping right, ḤT underneath

Diameter: 14 mm
Die Orientation: 0 H
Weight: 1.11 g

This coin was struck during the 2nd Punic War.

No references provided for this coin
(2) Akragas
An AE Tetras struck 425-406 BC in Akragas
Obverse: eagle right, tearing at hare AKP_A

Reverse: Crab, crayfish left below •••

Diameter: 21 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 9.21 g
No notes for this coin
SNG COP. 75 var. SNG München 132
(3) Akragas
An AR Didrachm struck 480-470 BC in Akragas
Obverse: sea eagle; AK / AЯ

Reverse: crab

Diameter: 20 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 8.6 g
ex Dr. Ernst von Ferrari-Kellerhof
Jenkins, Gela, Group IV; SNG ANS 954-5.
(4) Akragas
An AR Didrachm struck 510-472 BC in Akragas
Obverse: Crab

Reverse: Eagle, with closed wings, standing right; AK behind, RA before

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 8.4 g
No notes for this coin
Sear 709 A