Byzantine Coins
Byzantine currency consisted of mainly two types of coins: the gold solidus and a variety of clearly valued bronze coins. This category covers coins struck for the East Roman Empire from Justinian I and until the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

Early Byzantine coins feature the head of the Emperor, now full face rather than in profile on the obverse, and usually a Christian symbol on the reverse.

In the 10th century, so-called "anonymous folles" were struck instead of the earlier coins depicting the emperor. The anonymous folles featured the bust of Jesus on the obverse and the inscription "XRISTUS/bASILEU/bASILE", which translates to "Christ, King of Kings".


(1) Anastasius I 491-518 AD
Ref: None provided
(2) Anastasius I 491-498 AD
Obverse: draped, diademed bust right; (illegible letters)
Reverse: Monogram of Anastasius
Ref: BMC 32:128, Wroth 26
(3) Anonymous 530-580
Obverse: Helmeted, draped, cuirassed bust right,
Reverse: K
Ref: Vagi 3051; Bendall Type 8c
(4) Constantine VIII 1025-1028
Obverse: + ЄMMΛ-HOVHΛ, barred IC XC across field, nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding Gospels
Reverse: + IhSЧS/XRISTЧS/bASILЄЧ/bASILЄ· in four lines across field; above and below; ornate As.
Ref: DOC class A2; SB 1818
(5) Heraclius 624-625 AD
Obverse: Martina (his wife) on left, Heraclius in center and Heraclius Constantine (his son) on right, standing facing, all crowned and wearing chlamys and all holding cross on globe
Reverse: Large M, ANNO at left, cross at top, B below, XVI at right, ΘEC in exergue
Ref: Sear 825
(6) Heraclius 610-641
AR 1/4 Siliqua Ravenna
Obverse: Diademed and draped bust right Text DN ERACLIVS PP AV
Reverse: Cross potent within wreath
Ref: DOC 281; MIB 156; SB 907
(7) Justin II Jan. 566 AD
Obverse: D N I - VST - INVS PP AVI, Helmeted bust facing, holding Victory on globe and shield.
Reverse: VICTORI - A AVGGG ? (officina 4) around, CONOB in exergue, Constantinipolis seated facing, head r., holding spear and cross on globe.
Ref: Berk-59, Hahn-4, Sear-344.
(8) Justinian I 539-540 AD
Obverse: DN IVSTINIANVS PP AVG, Bust of Justinian wearing helmet and cuirass, facing holding cross on globe and shield; cross to right
Reverse: Large M, ANNO to left, cross above, regnal year (XIII) to right, officina letter (ϵ) below; CON in exergue
Ref: SB 163
(9) Justin | Justinian | Justin II 518-578 AD
AE 12 nummi Alexandria
Obverse: Uncertain inscription, Bust facing right wearing diadem, cuirass, and drapery
Reverse: Cross between I and B; AΛEΞ in exergue
Ref: SB 112?
(10) Leo VI 886-912
Obverse: +LЄOҺ bAS-ILЄVS Rom. Crowned and draped bust facing, holding akakia.
Reverse: +LЄOҺ/ЄҺ ӨЄO ЬA/SILЄVS R/OmЄOҺ in four lines.
Ref: DOC 8; SB 1729
(11) Leo VI 886-912
Obverse: +LEON bAS-ILEVS ROM, crowned bust facing with short beard, wearing chlamys, holding akakia
Reverse: +LEOh Eh ΘEO bA-SILEVS R-OMEOh, legend in four lines.
Ref: Sear 1729; DOC 8
(12) Maurice Tiberius 590-602 AD
Obverse: DN mAVRC TIb PP AVG, Bust of Maurice facing, wearing plumed helmet, and cuirass, holding cross on globe
Reverse: VICTORIA AVGGI, Angel standing facing, holding long P-headed cross, and cross on globe; CONOB in exergue
Ref: SB 478
(13) Maurice Tiberius 593 AD
Obverse: D N MAVR TIBER PP AV. Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger and shield.
Reverse: Large mark of value K; ANNO to left, cross above, X/I to right, A in exergue.
Ref: SBV 497; DOC 56a
(14) Ostrogoths 493-526
AR Half-Siliqua Unknown mint
Obverse: Tiny head left facing Justin I with DIIVΛDƆSVIISIIΛ
Reverse: Chain wreath outer with VICTOII / SRM/ CON
Ref: Gennari type 4
(15) Ostrogoths 493-526
AR unit Unknown mint
Obverse: Right facing Justin I very odd bust with legend (…) IΛIII
Reverse: Theoreric monogram no legend
Ref: Gennari monogram 47, R157
(16) Ostrogoths 493-526
AR Half-Siliqua Unknown mint
Obverse: right facing Anastasius with the text DИANAƧTΛ (…) VƧPΛ
Reverse: Theoderic monogram ИVICΓΛ+NROMΛ
Ref: None provided
(17) Ostrogoths 491-504
AR 3/4 Siliqua Unknown mint
Obverse: right facing, almost Celtic like profile ANASTASIVSP
Reverse: Gennari monogram 13, MINV+ΛROMΛO
Ref: None provided
(18) Ostrogoths 493-526
AR Half-Siliqua Unknown mint
Obverse: Right facing bust text reads STISSΛNV
Reverse: Theoderic monogram used by Witigis and Baduila Text VΛΛVIT+IIYGNV
Ref: None provided
(19) Phocas 602-610 AD
Obverse: Crowned, draped and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger.
Reverse: Angel standing facing, holding globus cruciger and long staff surmounted by staurogram; I//CONOB.
Ref: MIBE 9; DOC 10j; S. 620.
(20) Vandals 425-455
Obverse: Valentinian III imitation with legend TIIII
Reverse: Cross within wreath
Ref: BMC 182
(21) Vandals 576-565
AR Half-Siliqua Unknown mint
Obverse: Left facing bust of Justinian II(?) IIVADPSVISTSΛIIΛ
Reverse: Monogram of Justinian II
Ref: None provided
(22) Vandals 527
Obverse: Cuirassed bust right with text DIИIƧIΓΛNOVƧ
Reverse: Large M Star both sides, cross above, no officina letter present, mint mark ANTIX
Ref: Sear 213 Prototype?
(23) Vandals | Honorius c. 440-490 AD
Obverse: pearl-didemed, draped and cuirassed bust of Honorius right; D N HONORI_VS P F AVG
Reverse: Victory facing, head left, holding wreath in each hand; VICTORI_A AVGGG / P / RM
Ref: BMC Vandals, p. 17, 1-3