Caesaraugusta — A settlement in Tarraconensis
The Sedetani, a tribe of ancient Iberians, populated a village called Salduie.

Later on, Emperor Augustus founded the city of Caesaraugusta at the same location to settle army veterans from the Cantabrian wars. The foundation date of Caesaraugusta is known to lie between 25 BC and 12 BC.

Caesaraugusta did not suffer any decline during the last centuries of the Roman empire and was captured peacefully by the Goths in the fifth century AD.

Modern location: Zaragoza, Spain
An AE Semis struck 27 BC-14 AD in Caesaraugusta
Obverse: AVGVSTVS DIVI F, Head of Augustus facing left, wearing laurel wreath

Reverse: CAESAR AVGVSTA L CASSIO C VAL FEN, Vexillum on base; II VIR to left and right

Diameter: 20 mm
Die Orientation: 4 H
Weight: 5.34 g
L. Cassius and C. Valerius Fene(stella?) as duoviri
The obverse inscription translates to "Augustus, son of the Divine (referring to Julius Caesar)"

The reverse inscription translates to "Caesaraugusta, to Lucius Cassius and Gaius Valerius Fene(stella?) as two magistrates to govern the colony
RPC I 311
An AR Denarius struck 19-18 BC in Caesaraugusta
Obverse: head right wearing oak wreath (corona civica); CAESAR__AVGVSTVS

Reverse: comet - The Julian Star; DIVVS - IVLIVS

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 3.8 g
No notes for this coin
RIC I 37b, RSC I 97, BMCRE I 326, SRCV I 1607