Aspurgus King of the Bosporan Kingdom from 8 BC to 38 AD.
Tiberius Julius Aspurgus Philoromaios was a Prince and Roman client king of the Bosporan Kingdom. The name Aspurgus is of Iranian origin, derived from aspa (horse) and aspabara (horseman). Aspurgus was of Greek and Iranian ancestry.

Little is known of Aspurgus’ reign; however, he seemed to have been a strong and capable ruler. Due to previous dynastic conflicts during the Roman Republic and around the period of Asander’s death, the Emperor Augustus and the Roman Senate finally accepted Aspurgus as the legitimate Bosporan King in 14 AD. Aspurgus adopted the Roman names "Tiberius Julius", because he received Roman citizenship and enjoyed the patronage of Augustus and his heir Tiberius.

Aspurgus married a Thracian Princess called Gepaepyris. Through their second son, Aspurgus and Gepaepyris would have various descendants ruling the Bosporan Kingdom until the mid-4th century. The successors of Aspurgus bore the name Tiberius Julius to show their connection with him. Aspurgus reigned until he died in 38. After his death, Gepaepyris ruled with their first son.
Epithet: Philoromaios ("the Lover of Rome")
(1) Caligula | Aspurgus
An AE 12 Units struck 37-38 AD in Pantikapaion
Obverse: ΓAIOY KAIΣAΡOΣ ΓEΡMANIKOY, Bare head of Caligula facing right

Reverse: No inscription, Head of King Aspurgus facing right, wearing diadem; BAP monogram and IB in fields

Diameter: 22 mm
Die Orientation: 12 H
Weight: 7.76 g
No notes for this coin
RPC I 1904