Cotini Authority in Tribe from ~10 BC to 172 AD.
The Cotini were a Gaulish tribe living during Roman times in the mountains approximately near the modern borders of the Czech Republic, Poland (Silesia), and Slovakia.

Tacitus described the Cotini as speaking a Gaulish language and working, to their degradation, in mining. Like their neighbours in the mountains, the Osi, they had to pay tribute to both the neighbouring Quadi and Sarmatians. Although the Gotoni lived in the midst of Suevic peoples, they were not Germanic.

The Cotini are later mentioned by Dio Cassius in connection with the Marcomannic Wars. He reports that around 172 AD, the Cotini asked the Romans for land if they would attack the Marcomanni, and that they failed to do so, leading to their destruction.
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