Procopius Emperor (usurper) of the Roman Empire from 365 AD to 366 AD.
Procopius was a member of the Constantinian dynasty and a usurper against Valentinian I and Valens in 365-366 AD.

According to Zosimus, Julian had given Procopius an imperial robe. When Jovian was acclaimed Emperor, Procopius gave him the robe and asked to be allowed to retire to private life. Jovian accepted.

After Jovian's death, Valentinian I and Valens tried to arrest Procopius. He surrendered, but asked to meet his family; he had his captors dine and drink, and then seized the opportunity to flee with his family. He then bribed two legions at Constantinople to support his efforts, and took control of the imperial city. Shortly after this he proclaimed himself Emperor.

The year after, Procopius was defeated at the Battle of Thyatira and executed.
An AE Follis struck 365-366 AD in Cyzicus
Obverse: DN PROCOPIVS P F AVG, Bust of Procopius facing right, wearing cuirass, drapery, and pearl diadem

Reverse: REPARTIO FEL TEMP, Procopius standing facing, head right, holding labarum and shield; SMKΓ in exergue

Diameter: 16 mm
Die Orientation: 5 H
Weight: 2.1 g
REPARTIO FEL TEMP=something to the effect of "Restoration of the Happy Times", there is great debate on this as it sounds very odd, this is a literal translation, a saying we might equate it to is something like "Happy Days are Here Again"

SMKΓ=Sacred Moneta (money) Cyzicus, third officina
RIC IX Cyzicus 6