Erythrai - A settlement in Ionia
Erythrai was one of the twelve Ionian cities of Asia Minor, situated 22 km north-east of the port of Cyssus directly opposite the island of Chios.

According to legend, Erythrae was founded by Cretan settlers under the leadership of Erythrus the Red, son of Rhadamanthus, and at the same time inhabited by Lycians, Carians, and Pamphylians.

Erythrae was never a large city, it sent only eight ships to the Battle of Lade. The archaeological site is situated within the settlement zone of the present-day Turkish village of Ildırı.

Modern location: ldırı, Izmir Province, Turkey

(1) Erythrai 520-480 BC
Obverse: Rosette or floral pattern with central pellet
Reverse: Five pellets within cruciform incuse
Ref: SNG Kayhan 740 (Erythrai?); SNG von...
(2) Miletos | Erythrai c. 520-480 BC
Obverse: rosette with central pellet
Reverse: incuse quadrilobe, Stellate pattern of five pellets
Ref: SNG Kayhan 740; Klein 433.