Birytis - A settlement in Troas
Known only from numismatic evidence, this enigmatic city seems to have existed between 350-250 BC, somewhere close to Troy. But the precise location, as well as any literary sources on Birytis, is lacking.

Coins from Birytis all have the same motif - the obverse features a man, with or without beard, wearing a pileus hat with two stars above, and the reverse a club in a wreath, and the legend BI PY for Birytis.

Modern location: Unknown location close to Troas

(1) Birytis c. 4th Cent. BC
AE unit Birytis
Obverse: Beardless head of Kabeiros facing left, wearing pilos, star at left and right
Reverse: B-I-P-Y surrounding club, all within laurel wreath
Ref: Sear 4056
(2) Birytis 350-250 BC
AE unit Birytis
Obverse: Head of Kabeiros left, wearing conical helmet; two stars above.
Reverse: B I / P Y, Club within wreath.
Ref: SNG von Aulock 1502-3; SNG München ...
(3) Birytis 350-250 BC
AE unit Birytis
Obverse: head of Kabeiros left wearing pileus
Reverse: club within wreath; B_I / P_Y
Ref: SNG Cop 249; SNG Munchen 19, 170; ...