Minturnae — A settlement in Latium
Minturnae was one of the three towns of the Ausones which made war against Rome in 314 BC, the other two being called Ausona and Vescia. It became a colony in 296 BC.

The city was probably destroyed in 883 by the Saracens, who in the following years held the surrounding plain. Its low site was increasingly abandoned by the population in favour of that of the modern town of Minturno (Traetto or Traietto), 140 metres above sea-level.

The Saracens were ousted by the Catholic league after the Battle of Garigliano (915), and Minturnae passed to Gaeta. Two years later, however, it was again ravaged, this time by the Magyars. In 1058 it was partly acquired by the Abbey of Montecassino, but soon after was conquered by the Normans.

Modern location: Ruins close to Minturno, Italy
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