Pharnaces King of Kings of Bosporan Kingdom from 63 BC to 47 bC.
Pharnaces was the king of the Bosporan Kingdom from 63 BC and until his death in 47 BC. He was the son of Mithridates VI of Pontus, and was therefore referred to as Pharnaces of Pontus although he never actually ruled that Kingdom as it was annexe by Rome following the death of his father.

Pharnaces II was raised as his father's successor and treated with distinction. However, we know little of his youth from ancient writers and find him first mentioned after Mithridates VI was defeated by the Roman general Pompey during the Third Mithridatic War.

During Caesar's Civil War, Pharnaces II invaded Anatolia. He was later defeated by Caesar and fled to Sinope with 1000 cavalry, made a deal to escape, but raised a new army and was killed in battle against the Romans.
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