Side - A settlement in Pamphylia
Side is an ancient Greek city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

It was founded by Greek settlers from Cyme in Aeolis, a region of western Anatolia. This most likely occurred in the 7th century BC. Its tutelary deity was Athena, whose head adorned its coinage.

Possessing a good harbour for small-craft boats, Side's natural geography made it one of the most important places in Pamphylia and one of the most important trade centres in the region.

In the 1st century BC, Side reached a peak when the Cilician pirates established their chief naval base and a centre for their slave-trade.

The consul Servilius Vatia defeated these brigands in 78 BC and later the Roman general Pompey in 67 BC, bringing Side under the control of Rome and beginning its second period of ascendancy, when it established and maintained a good working relationship with the Roman Empire.

Modern location: Side

(1) Gallienus 253-268 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind, eagle below; AYT KAI ΠOYΛI EΓNA ΓAΛΛIHNOC CE / IA {E}
Reverse: Apollo Sidetes facing, head left, holding phiale and scepter; CIΔHTΩN__NEΩKOPΩN
Ref: SNG France 924; SNG von Aulock 4844
(2) Marcus Aurelius 139-161 AD
AE unit Side
Obverse: bare head right; KAIC__M? AYPHΛIOC
Reverse: Athena advancing right, holding spear and shield, serpent at foot; CI_ΔH_TωN
Ref: SNG Cop. 418 var. SNG Pfalz 661. va...
(3) Side c. 400-300 BC
Obverse: lion head right
Reverse: helmeted head of Athena right
Ref: Atlan, Side 77 (dies Exemplar); SNG...
(4) Side 220-190 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena right; anchor - Seleucid countermark
Reverse: Niké walkig left with wreath, pomegranate left; KΛE_YX; graffiti: ΔIOΓENOY
Ref: SNG Cop 400; SNG von Aulock 4797; c...
(5) Side c. 460-430 BC
Obverse: pomegranate
Reverse: head of Athena right wearing Corinthian helmet and necklace, within incuse square
Ref: Atlan 16 (O15/R14); SNG BN –; Weber...