Marcianopolis - A settlement in Moesia
Marcianopolis was a Roman city in Moesia Inferior which was founded when Trajan renamed the ancient city of Parthenopolis after the Second Dacian War, which ended in 106. It was renamed after Trajan's sister, Ulpia Marciana.

An important strategic centre, the city was part of Roman Thrace until 187–193, and then belonged to Moesia inferior. Marcianopolis's prosperity under the Severan Dynasty was ended by a Gothic raid in 248–249 and subsequent barbarian invasions from the north. The Romans repulsed another Gothic attack to this town in 267 (or 268), during the reign of Gallienus.

Under Emperor Diocletian Marcianopolis became the centre of the province Moesia Secunda of the Diocese of Thrace, and was rebuilt thoroughly in the late 3rd and early 4th century. In 447, it was destroyed by the Huns under Attila, immediately after the bloody battle of the Utus river.

Modern location: Devnya, Bulgaria

(1) Caracalla 211-217 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; AVT K M AVPHΛ_ANTΩNINOC
Reverse: winged Thanatos or Eros right leaning on torch set on decorated altar; MAPKIANOΠO_ΛITΩN
Ref: AMNG I/1, 633 var. (has AV KM); Var...
(2) Caracalla | Julia Domna 198-217 AD
Obverse: ANTΩNINOC AVΓOVCTOC IOVΛIA ΔOMNA, laureate bust of Caracalla right, seen from front and draped bust of Julia Domna left, vis-à-vis .
Reverse: VΠA KVNTIΛIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩ-N, Tyche Soteiros (Fortuna Redux) standing left, holding rudder in outstretched right hand and cornucopiae in left; E in upper left field.
Ref: AMNG I 678 var. (VP); cf. Mouchmov ...
(3) Elagabalus | Julia Maesa 218-222 AD
Obverse: Confronted busts of Elagabalus right, laureate, and Julia Maesa left, draped
Reverse: Homonoia standing left, holding patera and cornucopia; E (mark of value) to right.
Ref: None provided
(4) Geta 198-209 AD
Obverse: draped bust right from behind; Π CEΠTI_ΓETAC K
Reverse: tripod, snake entwined around leg; MAPKIANO_ΠOΛITΩN
Ref: Varbanov I 1117; AMNG I/I 703
(5) Macrinus | Diadumenian 217-218 AD
AE 5 assaria Marcianopolis
Obverse: AV K OΠEΛ CEVH MAKPEINOC K M OΠEΛ ANTΩNEINOC / Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Macrinus right facing bare headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Diadumenian left
Reverse: VΠ ΠONTIAN-O-V MAPKIANOΠOΛEI / TΩ-N / Demeter standing right, holding 2 corn-ears in left hand and a sceptre in right. E in upper right field
Ref: None provided
(6) Severus Alexander 225-226 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right AVT K M AVP CEV_AΛEZANΔPOC
Reverse: Tyche standing half left, holding rudder and cornucopia VΠ ΦIP ΦIΛOΠA(ΠΠ)OV MAPKIANOΠOΛIT(ΩN)
Ref: Varbanov 1817
(7) Severus Alexander 225-229 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; AVT K M AVP CEVH_·_AΛEZANΔPOC
Reverse: eagle facing, head left, wreath in beak; VΠ TIB IOVA ΦHCT(OV) MAPKIANOΠOΛIT(ΩN)
Ref: SNGCop 246; Pick 1021.
(8) Severus Alexander | Julia Maesa 225-226 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander right, confronting diademed and draped bust of Julia Maesa left; AVT K M AVP CEVH AΛEZANΔPOC IOVΛIA MAICA·
Reverse: Dikaiosyne (Aequitas) standing half left, holding scales and cornucopia; VΠ TIB IOVΛ ΦECTOV M(AP)KIANOΠOΛIT(ΩN) / E
Ref: Moushmov 727