Pallantion - A settlement in Peloponnese
Pallantion was one of the most ancient towns of Arcadia, said to have been founded by Pallas, son of Lykaon. Colonists from Pallantion are said to be the original inhabitants of the Palatine Hill in Rome.

It took part in the foundation of Megalopolis in 371 BC, but continued to exist as an independent state, since we find the Pallantieis mentioned along with the Tegeatae, Megalopolitae and Aseatae, as joining Epaminondas before the battle of Mantineia.

The town was a part of the Achaean League. It was was restored and enlarged by Antoninus Pius, to celebrate its legendary connection with Rome.

Modern location: Ruins

(1) Achaean League 100-80 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus right
Reverse: (AX) monogram, trident below, all within wreath; A / Π_Λ / (YE)
Ref: BCD Peloponnesos 1593.2; Benner 4; ...