Titus - Augustus of Imperium Romanum from 79 to 81
Titus Flāvius Caesar Vespasiānus Augustus was Roman emperor from 79 to 81. He succeeded his father Vespasian upon his death, becoming the first Emperor to come to the throne after his own biological father.

As emperor, he is best known for completing the Colosseum and for his generosity in relieving the suffering caused by two disasters, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 and a fire in Rome in 80.

After barely two years in office, Titus died of a fever on 13 September 81. He was deified by the Roman Senate and succeeded by his younger brother Domitian.
Emperor Titus of the Roman Empire

(1) Domitian | Titus 69-81 AD
AE unit Olba
Obverse: Head of Domitian left; ΔOMITIANOY·KAIΣAPOΣ
Ref: RPC 1720
(2) Titus AD 80-81
Obverse: IMP TITVS CAES VESP AVG P M TR P PP COS VIII, laureate head left
Reverse: Spes advancing left, holding flower and raising skirt; S-C across field
Ref: RIC² 171
(3) Titus 80 AD
Obverse: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M, Laureate head right
Reverse: TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P, Pulvinar (throne) of Jupiter and Juno: square seat, draped and surmounted by horizontal winged thunderbolt
Ref: RIC 119, RSC 316
(4) Titus 80 AD
Obverse: IMP. TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG PM., Head of Titus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII P P, Elephant standing facing left
Ref: RIC II Part 1 (Second Edition) Titu...
(5) Titus AD 80-81
Obverse: DIVO AVG VESP, the deified Vespasian seated to right, holding sceptre and Victory in cart drawn by a quadriga of elephants with riders; SPQR in exergue
Reverse: IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII around large S C
Ref: RIC (Titus) 257 (same obverse die);...
(6) Titus AD 79-81
Obverse: DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, radiate head of Augustus left, star above head
Reverse: IMP T CAES AVG RESTITVIT S C, eagle standing facing on globe, head right, wings open
Ref: RIC (Titus) 462; Sear 2584
(7) Titus 77-78 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; T CAESAR IMP__VESPASIANVS
Reverse: yoke of oxen left; COS VI
Ref: RIC II, part 1, Vespasian 951 (R); ...
(8) Titus 77-78 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; T CAESAR__VESPASIANVS
Reverse: sow left with three piglets; IMP XIII
Ref: RIC II, part 1, (Vespasian) 986; RS...
(9) Titus 80-81 AD
Obverse: IMP T CAES VESP AVG PM TR P COS VIII, Head of Titus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: AEQVITAS AVGVST, Aequitas standing facing, head left, holding scales and scepter; SC in fields
Ref: RIC II Part 1 (2nd Ed.) Titus 214
(10) Vespasian | Titus 69-70 AD
Obverse: Laureate head of Vespasian on eagle left; AVTOKPAT KAIΣA OVEΣΠAΣIANOV
Reverse: Laureate head of Titus right; T ΦΛAVI OVEΣΠ KAIΣ·ETOVΣ NEOV IEPOV / *__B
Ref: McAlee 332; Prieur 110; RPC 1943