Attuda — A settlement in Caria
Attuda or Attouda was a town of ancient Caria and later in the Roman province of Phrygia Pacatiana. There are coins of the place with the epigraph Ἱερὰ Βουλὴ Ἀττουδέων, of the time of Augustus and later. Its site was at present-day Hisarköy, Sarayköy District, Denizli Province, Turkey.

It became a Christian bishopric, a suffragan at first of the metropolitan see of Laodicea in Phrygia, but later, after the division of the Roman province, of the see of Hierapolis.

Modern location: Hisarköy, Turkey
An AE unit struck 254-268 AD in Attuda
Obverse: draped bust right wearing stephane; IOY KOP__CAΛΩNIN

Reverse: garlanded altar of Mên with three pine-cones and two flaming altars on it; ATTOYΔEΩN

Diameter: 24.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 6.5 g
No notes for this coin
SNG Copenhagen 170; SNG von Aulock 2508; BMC 39-40