Ninica-Claudiopolis - A settlement in Cilicia
Ninica-Claudiopolis was an ancient city of Cilicia. It is described by Theophanes of Byzantium as situated in a plain between the two Taurus Mountains.

It was an important Cilician transit trade centre, producing grapes, wheat, olives, figs and pomegranates. As a Roman colony it was known as Colonia Iulia Felix Augusta Ninica.

Most of the city remains unexcavated and there is no archaeological activity at the site.

Modern location: Mut, Turkey

(1) Lucius Verus 161-169 AD
Obverse: Cuirassed bust right with paludamentum; IMP L AVRELIVS AVG COL IVL__AVG
Reverse: Wreath; NI / CO
Ref: RPC IV online 5824.
(2) Maximinus I 235-238 AD
Obverse: IMP MAXIMINVΓ PIVΓ AVΓ, Bust of Maximinus facing right, wearing laurel wreath, curiass, and drapery
Reverse: COL NINC CLAVΔ, Colonist wearing veil, plowing to right with oxen; star and standard in background
Ref: RPC Online VI temp 6910; c/m's Howg...