Castulo - A settlement in Baetica
Castulo was an Iberian town now located in Spain, near modern Linares.

It was the seat of the Oretani, an Iberian tribe which settled in the vicinity in the north of the Guadalquivir River beginning in the sixth century BC. According to tradition, a local princess named Himilce married Hannibal, gained the alliance of the city with the Carthaginian Empire.

In 213 BC, Castulo was the site of Hasdrubal Barca's crushing victory over the Roman army with a force of roughly 40,000 Carthaginian troops plus local Iberian mercenaries. Thereafter the Romans made a pact with the residents of city — who then betrayed the Carthaginians — and they became foederati (allied people) of Rome.

According to Livy, the inhabitants of Castulo were intimidated by Scipio Africanus ordering the wholesale massacre of the inhabitants of the neighboring Illiturgis.

Modern location: Near Linares, Spain

(1) Castulo 2rd-1st Cent BC
AE unit Castulo
Obverse: Male head facing right, hand in right field
Reverse: Sphinx walking right, wearing helmet, star at right, KASTILO in Iberic script below
Ref: Burgos 543
(2) Castulo c. 200-175 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Bull right, crescent above; KASTILO retrograde in southern hispanian script
Ref: CNH p. 331, 2-3; SNG BM Spain 1223-...
(3) Castulo c. 120-100 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Boar right, star (comet)* above; KaŚTiLO
Ref: Villaronga p. 337, 50; SNG BM Spain...