Coins from Other Greek
This category covers all the rulers which don't really fit into the current classification on the website.

Here you will find both minor kings from Archaic times, strongmen who carved out short-lived domains for themselves during their lifetime only to see it collapse afterwards, and a sprinkle of client kings.

Many of the authorities listed here may eventually be moved to other categories or given their own, as necessary.

Other Greek

(1) Koson/Cotis c. 40-25 BC
Obverse: togate L. Junius Brutus between two lictors left; KOΣΩN
Reverse: eagle left, holding wreath and scepter in talon
Ref: Iliescu 2; RPC I 1701B; BMC Thrace ...
(2) Aesernia c. 263-240 BC
AE unit Aesernia
Obverse: head of Vulcan left wearing laureate pileus, tongs behind; VOLCANOM
Reverse: Jupiter in biga right holding thunderbolt and reins; AISERNINO
Ref: HNItaly 430 SNG Copenhagen 256-257 ...
(3) Ajax (High Priest | Toparch) 10-15 AD
AE unit Olba
Obverse: draped bust of right Ajax high priest wearing pilos (as Hermes); kerykeion over breast; ΑΙΑΝΤΟΣ ΤΕΥΚΡΟΥ
Reverse: triskeles; AΡΧΙΕΡΕΩΣ / ΤΟΠΑΡΧΟΥ // ET_A // ΚΕΝ_ΝΑΤ / ΛΑΛΑΣΣ
Ref: RPC I, 3725; G. M. Staffieri, La mo...
(4) Alexander (Tyrant) 369-359 BC
Obverse: forepart of butting bull right
Reverse: forepart of horse right; AΛEΞAN / ΔPOY
Ref: BCD Thessaly II 708.2; HGC 4, 584
(5) Arse | Saguntum c. 200-150 BC
Obverse: Shell
Reverse: Dolphin right, crescent above, P (A in iberian script) and three dots below
Ref: R&L 153-79; ACIP 1974; SNG BM Spain...
(6) Arse | Saguntum c. 200-150 BC
Obverse: Shell
Reverse: Dolphin right, crescent above, P (A in iberian script) and three dots below
Ref: None provided
(7) Brundisium ca. 215 BC
Obverse: Head of Poseidon facing right, wearing laurel wreath, being crowned by Nike at left; trident and 3 dots below
Reverse: Phalanthos, nude, riding dolphin to left, holding large cithara, Nike crowning him; BRVN below; three pellets below
Ref: SNG ANS.792
(8) Caelia 220-150 BC
Obverse: Head of Athena right wearing crested helmet; ●●
Reverse: Trophy of captured arms, helmet spear, palm branch and shield decoraded with Medusa head; club left; KAIΛIN_ΩN
Ref: HNItaly 762; Weber 439; SNG ANS 670...
(9) Carisa 100-1 BC
Obverse: head of young Hercules left wearing lion's skin
Reverse: horseman galloping left holding spear and large shield; CARISSA
Ref: AB-446; Vill-6
(10) Castulo 2rd-1st Cent BC
AE unit Castulo
Obverse: Male head facing right, hand in right field
Reverse: Sphinx walking right, wearing helmet, star at right, KASTILO in Iberic script below
Ref: Burgos 543
(11) Castulo c. 200-175 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Bull right, crescent above; KASTILO retrograde in southern hispanian script
Ref: CNH p. 331, 2-3; SNG BM Spain 1223-...
(12) Castulo c. 120-100 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Boar right, star (comet)* above; KaŚTiLO
Ref: Villaronga p. 337, 50; SNG BM Spain...
(13) Evagoras I 411-373 BC
Obverse: Bare head of young male facing right (Evagoras?)
Reverse: Smooth, no design
Ref: BMC 45; Tziambazis 116
(14) Hyria (Campania) c. 405-400 BC
Obverse: head of Hera Lakinia facing slightly right, wearing necklace and polos ornamented with palmette between the foreparts of two griffins
Reverse: man-faced bull walking right YPINA (retrograde)
Ref: Rutter 134; Historia Numorum Italy ...
(15) Iaitos c. 241-30 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of warrior righ
Reverse: warrior standing half-left, with grounded spear and shield; IAITI_NΩN
Ref: CNS I pg. 383, 4; SNG ANS -
(16) Ilipense c. 150-100 BC
Obverse: Grain ear
Reverse: Fish right, crescent above; ILIPENSE / A
Ref: SNGCop 148; CNH p. 374, 2; SNG BM S...
(17) Lysimachos c. 297-281 BC
AE unit Kallatis
Obverse: head of young Herakles right wearing lion's skin
Reverse: wreath of grain; BAΣI / ΛYΣI
Ref: Müller pl. XLII, 14; SNG Cop 1168, ...
(18) Lysimachos 323-281 BC
Obverse: Diademed head of deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon
Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAΧOY / Athena seated left, holding Nike and resting elbow on shield at side, spear leaning against far shoulder; ΔI in inner left field
Ref: None provided
(19) Malaka 200-1 BC
Obverse: Head of Vulcan left wearing pileus, tongs right all within wreath; mem lamed kap alep
Reverse: Radiate facing bust of Sol
Ref: ABH-1730; SNG Cop 41
(20) Numidia 148-118 BC
AE unit Cirta
Obverse: Laureate bearded head left - king Micipsa ?
Reverse: Prancing horse left; •
Ref: Sear #6597; SNG Copenhagen 505; Maz...
(21) Obulco c. 170-130 BC
Obverse: Female head right; OBVLCO
Reverse: Legend, plough above, grain ear below URKaILTu / NESELTuKo
Ref: None provided
(22) Panhormos | Q. Mallius c. 241-30 BC
AE unit Panhormos
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus left
Reverse: warrior standing half-left, extending hand, holding grounded shield and spear; Q / (MAL) / (ΠAP)
Ref: CNS I, 9.
(23) Phasis? c. 425-325 BC
Obverse: Archaic female head (Artemis Dali) right
Reverse: Head of bull right
Ref: SNG BM 1013-1018; Hind 7; HGC 7, 21...
(24) Salapia c. 275-250 BC
AE unit Salapia
Obverse: dolphin right; ΔAZANΩI / ΔAMOI
Reverse: dolphin right; ΣAΛAΠINΩN
Ref: HNItaly 689
(25) Sekaisa 100-50 BC
AE unit Sekaisa
Obverse: head right, two dolphins at sides
Reverse: rider with spear galloping right; ŚEKaISA
Ref: ACIP 1563; CNH 43; SNG BM Spain 852...
(26) Siris c. 500-480 BC
Obverse: Satyr crouching right, without tail; •
Reverse: rough incuse square
Ref: HPM p. 81, 12, pl. VII, 13 var. (no...
(27) Thraco-Macedonian c. 500-450 BC
AR Hemiobol Thrace | Macedonia
Obverse: Head of ram right
Reverse: Kantharos within incuse square
Ref: Tzamalis 50.