Neonteichos - A settlement in Aeolis
Neonteichos was an Aeolian town not far from the coast of Mysia, situated between the Hermus and the town of Larissa, from which its distance was only 30 stadia.

It is said to have been founded by the Aeolians, as a temporary fort on their first arrival in Asia Minor.

According to Strabo, the place was more ancient even than Cyme; but according to a statement in the Vita, it was built eight years later than Cyme, as a protection against the Pelasgians of Larissa.

Remains of this town, says Cramer, ought to be sought for on the right bank of the Hermus, and above Quisel-Hissar, on the road from Smyrna to Bergama.

Modern location:

(1) Neonteichos c. 200-100 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena right, helmet decorated with griffin
Reverse: owl standing right, head facing; (NE)
Ref: SNG Cop 245; BMC 1