Kamnaskires-Orodes - King of Kingdom of Elymais from 100 to 120
Kamnaskires-Orodes was ruler of the semi-independent Kingdom of Elymais from c. 100-120 AD. He was the son of Orodes II.

The drachmas of Kamnaskires-Orodes show Aramaic inscriptions. Le Rider suggests that the tetradrachms with Aramaic inscriptions were minted at the former Elymaean capital of Seleucia on the Hedyphon, perhaps mainly for internal circulation.
King Kamnaskires-Orodes of Kingdom of Elymais

(1) Kamnaskires-Orodes 100-150 AD
Obverse: diademed, long bearded bust facing; pellet inside crescent and double crossbar anchor right
Reverse: dashes
Ref: vant Haaff 12.3.1-2A2; BMC Arabia p...