Pella - A settlement in Macedonia
Pella was an ancient city located in Macedonia, best known as the historical capital of Macedon in the time of Alexander the Great.

In Antiquity, Pella was a strategic port connected to the Thermaic Gulf by a navigable inlet, but the harbour and gulf have since silted up, leaving the site landlocked. It was probably built as the capital of the kingdom by Archelaus I, replacing the older palace-city of Aigai.

Pella was declared capital of the 3rd administrative division of the Roman province of Macedonia, and was possibly the seat of the Roman governor. Activity continued to be vigorous until the early 1st century BC.

Pella was promoted to a Roman Colony sometime between 45 and 30 BC and its currency was marked Colonia Iulia Augusta Pella. Despite this, it rapidly declined although parts of it continued to be occupied until the 4th century.

Modern location: Archaeological site

(1) Alexander III | Kassander 317-314 BC
Obverse: head of young Heracles in lionskin right
Reverse: Zeus Aëtophoros enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter boeotian shield left; snake under the throne, AΛEΞANΔPOY
Ref: Price 249; SNG Copenhagen 728. Mull...
(2) Demetrius I Poliorketes 306-283 BC
AE unit Pella
Obverse: macedonian shield with (ΔHP)
Reverse: macedonian helmet; BA _ ΣI
Ref: SGCV II 6774, SNG Cop 1224, AMNG 1,...
(3) Kassander 317-305 BC
Obverse: young head of Herakles right wearing lion's skin
Reverse: lion reclining right, torch right; KAΣΣAN / ΔPOY / N
Ref: SNG München 991; SNG Alpha Bank 883...
(4) Macedonia 187-168 BC
AE unit Pella
Obverse: diademed head of Poseidon right
Reverse: inscription above and below club, all in oak wreath; MAKE / ΔONΩN / ? / (HP)?
Ref: Laffaille323 var. BMC.52 Cop.1296
(5) Macedonia c. 185-168 BC
Obverse: head of Maenad right wreathed with vine leaves and grapes, wearing necklace and earrings
Reverse: stern of galley right, star above; MAKE / ΔONΩN, M?
Ref: SGCV I 1384, SNG Cop 1292
(6) Macedonia 179-168 BC
Obverse: head of Perseus (hero) right wearing winged helmet peaked with griffin head; harpa right
Reverse: eagle facing, head right; B_A / (ΠEP) / A (ΓH)
Ref: SNG Alpha Bank 1135-42 var.
(7) Pella 187-168/167 BC
AE unit Pella
Obverse: laureated head of Apollo right
Reverse: lyre; ΠΕΛΛΗΣ / (?) AKΦ
Ref: BMC 11; SNG ANS 587
(8) Pella 187-168/167 BC
AE unit Pella
Obverse: laureated head of Apollo right
Reverse: lyre; ΠΕΛΛΗΣ
Ref: BMC 11; SNG ANS 587
(9) Pella 187-31 BC
AE unit Pella
Obverse: head of Pan right, pedum (shepherd's crook) at his shoulder
Reverse: Athena Alkidemos holding spear and shield advancing right; ΠΕΛ / ΛΗΣ, (ΠΩPA) / (?)
Ref: BMC #5; Sear #1445; Moushmov #6449;...
(10) Severus Alexander 222-235 AD
AE unit Pella
Obverse: IMP ALEXANDER PIS AVG, Bust of Alexander facing right, wearing crown
Reverse: COL IVL AVG PELLA, City-goddess seated facing left, wearing kalathos, right hand raised to her head
Ref: Varbanov 3735 var.; Moushmov 6479 v...
(11) Severus Alexander 222-235 AD
AE unit Pella
Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: Pan seated left on rock, raising arm over head, hand elbow resting on syrinx
Ref: None provided