Dionysopolis — A settlement in Moesia
Dionysopolis was founded as a Thracian settlement, and was later colonised by the Ionian ancient Greeks with the name Krounoi. It was renamed as Dionysopolis, after the discovery of a statue of Dionysus in the sea.

It is the site of mordern Balchik in Bulgaria.

Modern location: Balchik, Bulgaria
An AE unit struck 220-100 BC in Dionysopolis
Obverse: head of Dionysos right wreathed in ivy

Reverse: bunch of grapes; ΔIONYΣ

Diameter: 16 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 2.75 g
No notes for this coin
Moushmov 79; Draganov Dionysopolis 1; SNG Stancomb 107 - 108; BMC Phrygia, p. 182, 1 (Dionysopolis, Phrygia); SNG BM -