Turiaso — A settlement in Tarraconensis
Turiaso was a prosperous city whose inhabitants were full Roman citizens. The city declined after the fall of the Roman Empire, and later became a Muslim town in the 8th century.

It was conquered in 1119 by Alfonso I of Aragon and became the seat of the diocese of Tarazona. Construction on Tarazona Cathedral first began in the 12th century in the French Gothic style, and it was consecrated in 1232.

Modern location: Tarazona, Spain
An AE As struck 14-37 AD in Turiaso
Obverse: TI·CAESAR·AVG·F·AVGVSTVS·IMP, Head of Tiberius facing right, wearing laurel wreath


Diameter: 31 mm
Die Orientation: 1 H
Weight: 14.66 g
Mn. Sulpicius Lucanus and M. Sempronius Frontius as duoviri
RPC I 413