Tabae - A settlement in Caria
Tabae was a city in Caria. The name stems either from the founder, a man named Tabus, from 'tabi', which in Semitic languages means "good", or possibly from a native word 'taba', meaning "rock".

In 189 BC, the consul Gnaeus Manlius Vulso, having defeated the inhabitants who blocked his passage, exacted from Tabae a fine of 25 talents and 10,000 medimni of wheat.

Modern location: Tavas, Turkey

(1) Tabae 100-1 BC
Obverse: head of Zeus right
Reverse: Artemis standing right, quiver on shoulder, holding torch and arrow; APTEMΩΝ ΠΑΠΙΟΥ__AP TABHNΩΝ
Ref: BMC Greek (Caria, Cos, Rhodes) 19.p...