Kaunos - A settlement in Caria
Kaunos was a city of ancient Caria and in Anatolia, a few km west of the modern town of Dalyan, Turkey.

Kaunos was an important sea port, the history of which is supposed to date back till the 10th century BC. Because of the formation of İztuzu Beach and the silting of the former Bay of Dalyan (from approx. 200 BC onwards), Kaunos is now located about 8 km from the coast.

In fact, due to the silting of the delta and the ports, Kaunos soon lost its important function as a trade port. After Caria had been captured by Turkish tribes and the serious malaria epidemic of the 15th century AD, Kaunos was completely abandoned.

Modern location: Dalyan, Turkey

(1) Kaunos 450-430 BC
Obverse: Iris? running left holding kerykeion and wreath
Reverse: Baetyl, granulated patterns resembling birds on either side
Ref: Dewing 2359 (same dies); Konuk, "Th...
(2) Kaunos 390-370 BC
AE unit Kaunos
Obverse: head of Apollo facing
Reverse: sphinx standing left; (upside down) Δ _ Γ
Ref: Klein 526; H. Troxell, Winged Caria...
(3) Kaunos 390-290 BC
AE unit Kaunos
Obverse: head of Apollo slightly right
Reverse: sphinx standing left; Δ _ Γ
Ref: Troxell (1979), pg. 261, 30; SNG Ke...