Tranquillina - Augusta of Imperium Romanum from 241 to 244
Furia Sabinia Tranquillina was the Empress of Rome and wife of Emperor Gordian III.

In 241 her father was appointed the head of the Praetorian Guard by the Roman Emperor Gordian III. In May that year, Tranquillina had married Gordian.

She became a Roman Empress and received the honorific title of Augusta. Her marriage to Gordian was an admission by the young emperor of both Timesitheus' political indispensability and Tranquillina’s suitability as an empress.

While Greek Imperial - Provincial - coins of Tranquilina are plentiful, Roman Imperial issues are much more scarce.
Empress Tranquillina of the Roman Empire

(1) Gordian III | Tranquillina 242 - II 244 AD
AE unit Singara
Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian III right from behind, confronting draped bust of Tranquillina left wearing stephane; AVTOK K M ANT ΓOPΔIANON CAB TPANKVΛΛINA CEB
Reverse: City goddess left seated on rocks, holding branch; Centaur Sagittarius above; river-god swimming below; AVP CEΠ KOΛ CINΓAPA
Ref: BMC Arabia 8, SGICV 3804
(2) Gordian III | Tranquillina 241-244 AD
AE unit Anchialus
Obverse: [AΥT K M ANT Γ]OΡΔIANOC AΥΓ CAB / TΡANKΥΛ / ΛINA, confronted busts of Gordian III and Tranquillina
Reverse: OΥΛΠIANΩN - AΓXIAΛEΩN, Tyche standing l., holding rudder and cornucopiae.
Ref: Varbanov II, 735
(3) Gordian III | Tranquillina 238-244 AD
Obverse: AVT K M ANT ΓOPDIANOC AVΓ CE TPANKVΛ-ΛEINA: Confronted busts of Gordian on left, laureate, draped and cuirassed, and Tranquillina on right, draped and wearing stephane
Reverse: OΔHCCЄITΩN: Nemesis standing left, holding wand over wheel, and sceptre.
Ref: AMNG I, 2394; SNG Copenhagen 687; V...
(4) Tranquillina V 241 - 244 AD
AE unit Tarsos
Obverse: Draped bust on crescent right wearing stephane; CABINEIAN TPANKVΛΛEINOAN C_E_B / Π_Π
Reverse: City goddess (Tyche?) seated on rocks left, holding grain ears, below river god Cydnus swimming left; TAPCOV MHTPOΠOΛEΩC / A/M/K _ Γ/B
Ref: unique?, obverse: SNG France 1725, ...
(5) Tranquillina 242-243 AD
Obverse: Draped bust right wearing stephane; CAB TPANKVIΛΛEINA CEB
Reverse: Homonoia standing half left, raising right hand, holding double cornucopia; L S
Ref: Köln 2688; Dattari (Savio) 4823; K&...
(6) Tranquillina V 241-244 AD
AE unit Samos
Obverse: draped bust right wearing stephane; ΦOVPIA TRA_NKVIΛΛINA CEB
Reverse: Tyche facing, head left, wearing kalathos, holding rudder and cornucopia; CAM_IΩN
Ref: SNG Copenhagen 1766; BMC 311; RPC V...