Skotussa - A settlement in Thessaly
Skotussa an ancient town of Pelasgiotis in Thessaly, lying between Pherae and Pharsalus, near the frontiers of Phthiotis.

The territory of Scotussa were the hills called Cynoscephalae, which are memorable as the scene of two battles, one fought in B.C. 364, between the Thebans and Alexander of Pherae, in which Pelopidas was slain, and the other, of still greater celebrity, fought in B.C. 197, in which the last Philip of Macedonia was defeated by the Roman consul Flamininus.

In B.C. 191 Scotussa surrendered to Antiochus, but was recovered shortly afterwards, along with Pharsalus and Pherae, by the consul Acilius.

Modern location: Skotoussa, Greece

(1) Skotussa c. 394-367 BC
AE unit Skotussa
Obverse: head of young Herakles left wearing lion's skin
Reverse: horse forepart right; Σ_KO ΦΠA
Ref: Rogers 541, fig. 299; Nomos 4, 1337...