Hekatomnos - Satrap of Caria from 395 BC to 377 BC
Hekatomnos was a 4th-century ruler in Caria, who resided in Mylasa and established the Hecatomnid dynasty.

Technically speaking, Hekatomnos was a satrap (governor) under Persian rule, but he was also a locally founded powerful dynast who continued using both Greek language and promoting Greek culture.

He left three sons, Mausolus, Idrieus and Pixodarus, and two daughters, Artemisia and Ada, who were married to their brothers, Mausolus and Idrieus, all five of whom in turn succeeded him as rulers.
Governor Hekatomnos of the Satrapy of Caria

(1) Hekatomnos 392-377 BC
Obverse: Head of roaring lion left
Reverse: Facing head of lion with forelegs at sides
Ref: Konuk, Coin M7 var; Troxell, Carian...