Paphos - A settlement in Cyprus
Paphos was an ancient city which was originally founded by the Myceneans in the 12th Century BC, on the west coast of Cyprus.

Old Paphos was originally on a hill a few miles from the sea, to which it had a road. It was the most famous and important place for worshipping Aphrodite in the ancient world, as her mythical birthplace was on the island.

Nea Paphos was founded on the sea near a good natural harbour. It lay about 60 stadia or 12 km northwest of the old city. It would supercede Old Paphos during Roman times.

Modern location: Kouklia, Cyprus

(1) Augustus 1 AD
Obverse: CAESAR AVG PAT PATR, Head of Augustus facing left, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: C CAESAR AVG F PONT COS, Bare head of Gaius Caesar facing right
Ref: RPC I 3912
(2) Drusus II 22-23 AD
Obverse: DRVSVS CAESAR, Bare head of Drusus facing right
Reverse: Zeus Salaminios standing facing, head left, holding phiale and short scepter, eagle on left wrist
Ref: RPC I 3923; Tziambazis Roman 11