Honoria Empress of the Roman Empire (West) from 426 AD to 455 AD.
Justa Grata Honoria was the older sister of the Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III — famous for her plea of love and help to Attila the Hun, which led to his proclamation of his claim to rule the Western Roman Empire.

Coins attest that she was granted the title of Augusta not long after the ascension of her brother in 426.

Honoria's plea to Attila for help gave him the perfect excuse for invading Italy in 452 AD - meanwhile, Honoria was saved from execution only by the intervention of her mother, Galla Placidia.

She disappears from history after this, and her name does not appear on the list of people carried off to Carthage by trhe Vandals after the sack of Rome in 455 AD.
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