Pythodorida Queen of the Kingdom of Pontus from 8 BC to 38 AD.
Pythodorida was a Roman client queen of Pontus, the Bosporan Kingdom, Cilicia, and Cappadocia. She ruled Pontus from ~8 BC as the wife of King Polemon I.

Polemon I died in 8 BC, and Pythodorida became the sole Queen of Pontus until her death. Pythodorida was able to retain Colchis and Cilicia but not the Bosporan Kingdom which was granted to her first husband's stepson, Aspurgus. She then married King Archelaus of Cappadocia. Archelaus and Pythodorida had no children. Through her second marriage, she became Queen of Cappadocia. When Archelaus died in 17, Cappadocia became a Roman province and she returned with her family back to Pontus.

In later years, her son Polemon assisted his mother in the administration of the kingdom. Following her death, he succeeded to the throne as Polemon II.
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