Aigeai - A settlement in Cilicia
Aigeai is a small city in south-east Turkey, which was an important port in ancient times.

The Saints Cosmas and Damian are mentionined in Christian hagiography to have been twin brothers, physicians who practiced their profession in Aegeae, accepting no payment for their services, and who eventually suffered martyrdom under Diocletian.

In modern times, the city is known as Yumurtalık, and is a popular holiday destination with excellent beaches.

Modern location: Yumurtalık, Turkey

(1) Aigeai 164-120 BC
AE unit Aigeai
Obverse: turreted head Tyche righ
Reverse: bridled horse head left; AIΓEAIΩN, (TPAM)
Ref: Bloesch 39; SNG Levante 1635; SNG B...