Odessos — A settlement in Moesia
Odessos is one of the oldest ancient settlements in Bulgaria. It was established 585–550 BC by Miletian Greeks at the site of an existing Thracian settlement.

Odessos was a member of the Delian league of 425 BC. In 339 BC, it was unsuccessfully besieged by Philip II, and it but surrendered to Alexander the Great in 335 BC.

Shortly after 108 BC, Odessos recognized the suzerainty of Mithridates VI of Pontus. It was annexed to the province of Moesia (later Moesia Inferior) in 15 AD, and had prominent public baths, Thermae, erected in the late 2nd century AD.

In 442 AD, a peace treaty between Theodosius II and Attila was conducted at Odessos. It has also been suggested that the 681 AD peace treaty with the Byzantine Empire that established the new Bulgarian state was concluded at Varna.

Modern location: Varna, Bulgaria
An AE Pentassarion struck 238-244 AD in Odessos
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind confronting draped bust of Serapis with cornucopia wearing kalathos left; AVT K M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC / AVΓ

Reverse: Nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm; O_ΔHC_CEITΩN / E

Diameter: 28 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 14.7 g
No notes for this coin
Varbanov 4522, (die match CNG e390/304)
An AE 5 Assaria struck an unknown year in Odessos
Obverse: AYT K M ANT ΓΟΡΔΙΑΝΟC AVΓ (ligate) CE TPANKVΛΛINA - laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian III right facing draped and diademed bust of Tranquillina left.

Reverse: OΔΗCCEITΩN / E - Athena standing facing, head left, holding spear and resting on shield; E in left field.

Diameter: 26.2 mm
Die Orientation: 12 H
Weight: 11.43 g

Gordian III and Tranquillina.

Varbanov 4565.
An AE Pentassarion struck 238-244 AD in Odessos
Obverse: AVT K M ANT ΓOPDIANOC AVΓ CE TPANKVΛ-ΛEINA: Confronted busts of Gordian on left, laureate, draped and cuirassed, and Tranquillina on right, draped and wearing stephane

Reverse: OΔHCCЄITΩN: Nemesis standing left, holding wand over wheel, and sceptre.

Diameter: 26 mm
Die Orientation: 1 H
Weight: 13.54 g
No notes for this coin
AMNG I, 2394; SNG Copenhagen 687; Varbanov 4583-6
(4) Odessos
An AE unit struck c. 300-100 BC in Odessos
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus right

Reverse: the great god of Odessos with causia on head, holding cornucopiae, on horseback pacing right; (HΔP), OΔHΣITΩN

Diameter: 20 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 6.54 g
No notes for this coin
AMNG 2200; Mionnet 890.