Brogitarius King of Galatia from 63 BC to 50 BC.
Brogitarius was king of Galatia between 63 BC and 50 BC, reigning concurrently with his father-in-law Deiotaros, who was also tetrarch of the Tolistobogii. By Deiotarus' daughter Adobogiona, Brogitarus was the father of Amyntas, tetrarch of the Trocmi and king of Galatia.

Cicero claims that Brogitarus obtained his elevation to the kingship of Galatia alongside Deiotarus by bribing P. Clodius Pulcher, who was then tribune of the plebs at Rome. Brogitarus also became high priest of the Great Mother at Pessinus after the incumbent was removed through a law introduced by Clodius Pulcher.

The name 'Brogitarius' may be understood as brogi-taros 'border-crosser' or (less likely) brogi-taruos 'border-bull'.
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