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The Senones were an ancient Celtic Gallic culture, which joined Bellovesus' migrations towards Italy, together with the Aeduii, Ambarri, Arverni, Aulerci, and the Carnutes.

Here, they drove out the Umbrians settled on the east coast of Italy and founded the town of Sena Gallica (Senigallia), which became their capital.

In 391 BCE, under the chieftain Brennus, they invaded Etruria and besieged Clusium. They defeated the Romans at the Battle of the Allia (18 July 390 BCE) and sacked of Rome.

For more than 100 years the Senones were engaged in hostilities with the Romans, until they were finally subdued (283 BCE) by P. Cornelius Dolabella and driven out of their territory.
An AE Potin struck 100-50 B.C. in Lugdunensis
Obverse: Anepigraphic, head with stylised curls right.

Reverse: [K]OIIAKA - Bird left, annulet before, two annulets containing pellets behind.

Diameter: 16.7 mm
Die Orientation: 11 H
Weight: 2.76 g

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LaTour 7490; DT 2634; BN 7490-7492; RIG 110. Scarce.