Mariniana - Authority in Imperium Romanum from ? to ?
Egnatia Mariniana was probably the wife of Roman Emperor Valerian and mother of Emperor Gallienus.

Several coins bearing the legend DIVAE MARINIANAE date back to the beginning of the reign of Valerian and Gallienus.

Given the practice of deifying the wives who died before their husbands' assumption of the Principate, it is possible that Mariniana died before Valerian took power in AD 253.
Mariniana of the Roman Empire

(1) Mariniana ~AD 257
Obverse: DIVAE MARINIANAE, Diademed, veiled and draped bust r., on crescent
Reverse: CONSECRATIO, Peacock standing facing, head l., spreading plumage
Ref: RIC V 3; RSC 2
(2) Mariniana AD 253-254
Obverse: DIVAE MARINIANAE, diademed, veiled and draped bust right
Reverse: CONSECRATIO, peacock standing facing, tail spread in splendour
Ref: RIC 3; Sear 10067