Sinope - A settlement in Paphlagonia
Long used as a Hittite port, which appears in Hittite sources as "Sinuwa", Sinope was re-founded as a Greek colony from the city of Miletus in the 7th century BC.

It flourished as the Black Sea port of a caravan route that led from the upper Euphrates valley.

Sinope escaped Persian domination until the early 4th century BC. It was ruled by Scydrothemis from 301 to 280 BC. In 183 BC it was captured by Pharnaces I and became capital of the Kingdom of Pontus.

The Roman general Lucullus conquered Sinope in 70 BC, and Julius Caesar established a Roman colony there, Colonia Julia Felix, in 47 BC. Mithradates Eupator was born and buried at Sinope, and it was the birthplace of Diogenes, poet and actor of the New Attic comedy.

Modern location: Sinop, Turkey

(1) Sinope 490-425 BC
Obverse: stylized head of eagle left
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square with two opposing quarters filled, the others stippled
Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 1359-63; HGC 7, 38...
(2) Sinope c. 330-300 BC
Obverse: Nymph
Reverse: Eagle with dolphin
Ref: None provided