Emerita - A settlement in Lusitania
Emerita or Augusta Emerita was founded in 25 BC by Augustus, to resettle emeriti soldiers discharged from the Roman army from two veteran legions of the Cantabrian Wars: Legio V Alaudae and Legio X Gemina.

The city was the capital of the Roman province of Lusitania.

Today the Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida is one of the largest and most extensive archaeological sites in Spain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

Modern location: Mérida, Spain

(1) Augustus 25-23 BC
Obverse: AVGVST, Bare head of Augustus facing left
Reverse: P CARISI LEG, Victory standing facing right, crowning trophy of captured arms, dagger and curved sword at base
Ref: RIC I (Second Edition) Augustus 1b
(2) Augustus 25-23 BC
Obverse: CAESAR AVGVST TRIB (or TRIBVN or TRIBVNI) POTEST, Bare head of Augustus facing right
Reverse: P. CARISIVS LEG AVGVSTI, Inscription in three lines
Ref: RIC I (Second Edition) Augustus 23,...
(3) Augustus 25 - 23 BC
AE unit Emerita
Obverse: CAESAR AVGVS TRIBVNIC POTES / Head bare right
Reverse: P CARISIVS LEG AVGVSTI in three lines across
Ref: RIC 19 var, BM-301 (obv. leg incomp...
(4) Augustus | P. Carisius c. 25-23 BC
Obverse: bare head right; AVGVST
Reverse: Victory standing right, placing wreath on a trophy consisting of helmet and cuirass; dagger and sword hilt at base of trophy; P CARIS_I__LEG
Ref: RIC 1a; sear5 1642; RSC 386