Theothorses King of the Bosporan Kingdom from 278 AD to 309 AD.
Tiberius Julius Theothorses was a prince and Roman Client King of the Bosporan Kingdom. He was the second-born son to the Bosporan King Teiranes and his mother was an unnamed woman. He was of Greek, Iranian and Roman ancestry. His elder brother was prince Sauromates IV, who co-ruled briefly with his father before his death in 276.

In 278, during his father's reign, Theothorses was elevated by Teiranes to co-ruler. In 279, Teiranes died and Theothorses succeeded him as the sole ruler of the Bosporan Kingdom, reigning from 278 until his death around 308/309. During his reign, large amounts of lead were added to the bronze coinage that was minted in the Bosporan Kingdom. Otherwise, little is known of the life and reign of Theothorses.

The name of Theothorses' wife is unknown, but their two sons (Rhescuporis VI and Rhadamsades) would be the two last rulers of the Bosporan Kingdom.
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