Verina - Augusta of Imperium Romanum from 457 AD to 474 AD
Aelia Verina was the Empress consort of Leo I of the East Roman Empire. She was a sister of Basiliscus, and her daughter Ariadne was Empress consort of first Zeno and then Anastasius I. Verina was also the maternal grandmother of Leo II.

Coins of Verina are incredibly rare, and are almost never sold on the open market.

Unless you've got almost unlimited funds, the only way to get a coin of Verina is a tiny AE4 of her husband Leo I, which features her on the obverse holding a scepter.
Empress Verina of the Roman Empire (East)

(1) Leo I | Verina AD 467-472
AE Nummus Unknown mint
Obverse: DN LEO (?), Head of Leo right
Reverse: Verina standing, facing, holding a transverse scepter "b-E"
Ref: RIC X 713-718
(2) Leo I | Verina
AE 11 Unknown mint
Obverse: D N L-EO, pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right
Reverse: Verina standing facing, holding cross on globe and sceptre
Ref: RIC X 714; LRBC 2272; DOC 583; MIRB...