Tissaphernes Governor of the Satrapy of Caria from 408 BC to 395 BC.
Tissaphernes was a Persian soldier and statesman.

He was born in 445 BC and belonged to an important Persian family: he was the grandson of Hydarnes, an eminent Persian general, who was the commander of the Immortals during the time of king Xerxes' invasion of Greece.

In 414 BC, Tissaphernes was assigned by Darius II to suppress the rebellion of Pissuthnes, the Persian satrap of Lower Asia, and to take over his office. Tissaphernes bribed Pissuthnes' Greek mercenaries to desert him and promised that his life would be spared if he surrendered, a promise which Darius did not keep.

Tissaphernes was reluctant to attack the Greek cities, and when in 408 BC the king decided to actively support Sparta, Tissaphernes was removed as a general and his responsibilities were limited to the satrapy of Caria
(1) Tissaphernes
An AE unit struck c. 400-395 BC in Astyra
Obverse: head of Tissaphernes* right, short beard; TIΣΣA

Reverse: facing cult statue of Artemis Astyra wearing kalathos, club right; AΣTYPH

Diameter: 11 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 1.3 g
*This is probably the oldest coin depicting living person.
SNG BnF 124A, Klein 253, Winzer 6.2