Luceria — A settlement in Apulia
Luceria is an Italian city in Apulia. It was probably named after either Lucius, a mythical Dauno king, a temple dedicated to the goddess Lux Cereris, by the Etruscans in which case the name probably means Holy Wood (luc = "wood", eri = "holy").

During the civil wars of the late Republic, Pompey set up his headquarters in Lucera, but abandoned the city when Julius Caesar approached. Lucera quickly switched its allegiance and Caesar spared it. In the next civil war between Octavian and Marcus Anthonius the city did not escape as lightly. After the war, Octavian settled many veteran soldiers on the lands of the ruined city. This helped Luceria recover quickly and marked an era of renewed prosperity.

Modern location: Lucera, Italy
(1) Luceria
An AE Biunx struck 211-200 BC in Luceria
Obverse: Veiled and wreathed head of Ceres right, ●●

Reverse: Scallop shell, LO / VCERI

Diameter: 17 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 5.8 g
No notes for this coin
HN Italy 681, SNG ANS 708, SNG BnF 1364