Coins from Other Republican
This category contains coins for which no separate category has been created, and which can be broadly classified as 'Roman Republican'.

Coins are periodically moved out of this category as new categories are created, or as they are reclassified.

Other Republican

(1) Luceria 211-200 BC
Obverse: Veiled and wreathed head of Ceres right, ●●
Reverse: Scallop shell, LO / VCERI
Ref: HN Italy 681, SNG ANS 708, SNG BnF ...
Obverse: Laureate head of Italia left; VITELIV ( = ITALIA) retrograde in Oscan script behind.
Reverse: Soldier standing facing, head right, left foot on lorica, holding inverted spear in right hand and sword in left; to right, recumbent bull facing, head right; I in exergue.
Ref: Campana group 9b, 141 (D97/R118).
(3) Parion c. 45 BC
Obverse: female head right wearing stephane; C_G / I_P
Reverse: praefericulum; D_D
Ref: RPC I 2259; SNG France 1416
(4) Rome | Histiaia c. 168 BC
Obverse: head of Histiaia right with wine-wreath
Reverse: nymph Histiaia seated right on stern of galley, holding stylis; ornate apluster; IΣTI_AIEΩN, crescent below
Ref: See SGCV I p. 233 note following #2...