Anazarbus - A settlement in Cilicia
Anazarbus was an ancient Cilician city and (arch)bishopric, which remains a Latin Catholic titular see.

It was founded by Assyrians. Under the early Roman Empire the place was known as Caesarea, and was the Metropolis (capital) of Late Roman province Cilicia Secunda.

Rebuilt by the Eastern Roman emperor Justin I after an earthquake in the 6th century, it became Justinopolis (525); but the old native name persisted, and when Thoros I, king of Lesser Armenia, made it his capital early in the 12th century, it was known as Anazarva.

Modern location: 15 km west of the main stream of the present Ceyhan River

(1) Commodus 183-184 AD
AE unit Anazarbus
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; MAP AV AN__KOMOΔOC C
Reverse: IE / POC / IC within wreath; KAI TωN ΠΡOC ANAZAΡBω ET BC
Ref: Ziegler, Anazarbos 246,1
(2) Valerian I 253-254 AD
Obverse: radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right AVT K OVAΛEPIANOC CE
Reverse: Tyche standing left, agnostic crown in both hands; ANAZAPBOV EN_ΔOX M(HT) ET BOC / T/Γ/Γ _ A/K/M
Ref: SNG Levante 1521, Zeigler 806, BMC ...