Lysimachos - Basileus of Thrace from 306 BC to 281 BC
Lysimachos was a Macedonian officer and diadochus (i.e. "successor") of Alexander the Great, who became a basileus in 306 BC, ruling Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedon.

During Alexander's Persian campaigns, in 328 BC he was one of his immediate bodyguards. After Alexander’s death in 323 BC, he was appointed to the government of Thrace as strategos.

In 306/305 BC, Lysimachus followed the example of Antigonus I and assumed the royal title, which he held until his death at Corupedium in 281 BC.
King Lysimachos of Thrace

(1) Byzantion | Lysimachos c. 125-75 BC
Obverse: Head of the deified Alexander with Ammon's horns right
Reverse: Athena Nikephoros seated left; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ΛYΣIMAXOY, monogram (ΠΩΛYB) to left; BY below throne, trident in exergue
Ref: Marinescu 508 (O. 211 R. 483) issue...
(2) Chalcedon | Lysimachos c. 250-100 BC
Obverse: Head of the deified Alexander with diadem and Ammon's horns right
Reverse: Athena enthroned left, holding Nike with wreath, transverse spear, resting hand on shield; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ΛYΣIMAXOY // AΣ / KAΛXA
Ref: Marinescu 115 (O. 44 R. 104) issue ...
(3) Lysimachos 305 - 281 BC
AE unit Thrace
Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress
Reverse: ΒΑΣΙ/ΛΥΣΙ in two lines within wreath of corn
Ref: None provided
(4) Lysimachos c. 297-281 BC
AE unit Kallatis
Obverse: head of young Herakles right wearing lion's skin
Reverse: wreath of grain; BAΣI / ΛYΣI
Ref: Müller pl. XLII, 14; SNG Cop 1168, ...
(5) Lysimachos 323-281 BC
Obverse: Diademed head of deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon
Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAΧOY / Athena seated left, holding Nike and resting elbow on shield at side, spear leaning against far shoulder; ΔI in inner left field
Ref: None provided