Hermaios - Basileos of Paropamisádai from 90 BC to 70 BC
Hermaeus Soter or Hermaios Soter (epithet means "the Saviour") was a Western Indo-Greek king of the Eucratid Dynasty, who ruled the territory of Paropamisade in the Hindu-Kush region, with his capital in Alexandria of the Caucasus (near today's Kabul, Afghanistan). Bopearachchi dates Hermaeus to c. 90–70 BCE and R. C. Senior to c. 95–80 BCE.

Hermaeus seems to have been successor of Philoxenus or Diomedes. Judging from his coins, Hermaeus' rule was long and prosperous, but came to an end when the Yuezhi, coming from neighbouring Bactria, overran most of his Greek kingdom in the Paropamisade around 70 BCE. According to Bopearachchi, these nomads were the Yuezhi, the ancestors of the Kushans, whereas Senior considers them Sakas.
King Hermaios the Saviour of Paropamisade

Epithet: Soter (the Saviour)

(1) Gondophares | Hermaios c. 30-10 BC
Obverse: diademed and draped bust of Hermaios right; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ / EPMAIOY
Reverse: Zeus seated half left, wearing himation, raised hand, holding scepter; Maharaajasa tratarasa Heramayasa (of Great King Hermaios the Savior)
Ref: Senior Hermaios 42aT.1, Mitchiner I...