Coins from Indo-Scythian Kingdoms
Indo-Scythian is a term used to refer to Scythians (Sakas), who migrated into parts of central, northern and western South Asia from the middle of the 2nd century BC to the 4th century AD.

The Sakas settled in Drangiana, an area of Southern Afghanistan, western Pakistan and south Iran, which was then called after them as Sakastan or Sistan. From there, they progressively expanded into present day Iran as well as northern India, where they established various kingdoms, and where they are known as "Saka".

After the death of Azes, the rule of the Indo-Scythians in northwestern India was shattered with the rise of the Indo-Parthian ruler Gondophares in the last years of the 1st century BC.

Indo-Scythian Kingdoms

(1) Azes I 58-12 BCE
Obverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY AZOY (King mounted on horse right, holding whip, Karoshti letter (ka) in field)
Reverse: Maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa Ayasa (Athena standing right, holding shield and spear, making benediction gesture), tamga and monogram in field
Ref: HGCS 12/637
(2) Azes I 58-12 BC
AE unit Taxila
Obverse: humped bull right; (MP) above; shi under head; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩИ ΜΕΓΛΟΥ / AZOY
Reverse: lion right; monogram above; Maharajasa rajadirajasa mahatasa / Ayasa
Ref: MIG 850, Sen 102.100
(3) Azes I 58-12 BC
Obverse: king on horse rising hand holding whip; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩИ ΜΕΓΛΟΥ / AZOY, san
Reverse: Zeus with rod holding Nike; Maharajasa rajadirajasa mahatasa / Ayasa, monogram / M / dhram
Ref: MIG 854i, Sen 105.340T
(4) Azes I 57-35 BC
Obverse: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ / ΑZΟΥ King on camel right, holding ankus
Reverse: Zebu bull (or yak) standing right; monogram below
Ref: Mitchiner 2325 or 2326
(5) Azes II 35 BC - 10 AD
Ref: None provided
(6) Gondophares | Hermaios c. 30-10 BC
Obverse: diademed and draped bust of Hermaios right; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ / EPMAIOY
Reverse: Zeus seated half left, wearing himation, raised hand, holding scepter; Maharaajasa tratarasa Heramayasa (of Great King Hermaios the Savior)
Ref: Senior Hermaios 42aT.1, Mitchiner I...