Agrippa - General of Imperium Romanum from 45 BC to 12 BC
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa was a Roman consul, statesman, general and architect. He was a close friend, son-in-law, and lieutenant to Augustus.

He was responsible for the construction of some of the most notable buildings in the history of Rome and for important military victories, most notably at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC against the forces of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra VII Philopator.

He died at Campania in 12 BC at the age of 51.

The most common coins featuring Agrippa were struck posthumously under Caligula. Several provincial issues also featured Agrippa, as well as a number of Republican issues.
General Agrippa of the Roman Empire

(1) Agrippa 37-41 A.D.
Obverse: M AGRIPPA LF COS III, head left wearing rostral crown
Reverse: S-C, Neptune standing facing, head left, naked except for cloak draped behind him & over both arms, holding small dolphin in right hand & vertical trident in left.
Ref: None provided
(2) Agrippa 38 AD
Obverse: head wearing rostrate crown left; M•AGRIPPA•L_•F • COS III
Reverse: Neptune standing left, holding dolphin and trident; S__C
Ref: RIC I Gaius 58; BMCRE II Tiberius 1...
(3) Agrippa 37-41 AD
Obverse: M AGRIPPA L F COS III, Bare head of Agrippa facing left
Reverse: Neptune standing facing left, nude except for draped cloak, holding small dolphin in right hand and trident in left; SC in fields
Ref: RIC 58
(4) Agrippa AD 37-41
Obverse: M AGRIPPA L F COS III, head left, wearing rostral crown
Reverse: Neptune standing left, holding small dolphin and trident; S-C across fields
Ref: RIC 58 (Gaius)
(5) Augustus | Agrippa 9-3 BC
Obverse: Head of Agrippa left, wearing rostral crown, and head of Augustus right, wearing oak wreath IMP / DIVI F
Reverse: Chained crocodile standing right; palm and filleted wreath behind COL_NEM
Ref: RIC I 158, RPC I 524, SNG Cop 699, ...
(6) Augustus | Agrippa 20-10 BC
Obverse: IMP DIVI F, Head of Agrippa facing left, wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath, bare head of Augustus facing right
Reverse: COL NEM, Crocodile chained to palm-shoot with tip right; above palm-tip left a wreath with long ties
Ref: RIC I (2nd Ed.) Augustus 155