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The Veneti were a seafaring Celtic people who lived in the Brittany peninsula (France), which in Roman times formed part of an area called Armorica. They gave their name to the modern city of Vannes.

The Veneti built their ships of oak with large transoms fixed by iron nails of a thumb's thickness. They navigated and powered their ships through the use of leather sails. This made their ships strong, sturdy and structurally sound, capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of the Atlantic.

During the Gallic Wars, they fought skillfully against Julius Caesar, with better ships and seamanship, but were eventually defeated by Roman perseverence. The strongholds on the coast were now stormed and the nobles were slaughtered and the rest sold into slavery. This served as a lesson to the rest of the confederacy of the fate in store for those who dared to stand against Rome.
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